CUB Rentals


CUB (Comfortable Upright Birth) Rental


Are you on the fence about taking the plunge and investing in a CUB of your own? No need to worry, I rent out CUB's at a reasonable price, come to you, and teach you how to use them!

Includes CUB delivery and pick up as well as a crash course on the CUB, how to utilize it in late pregnancy, labor and birth, brief anatomy and its relevance in childbirth, evidence based info on upright birth and so much more. 

Travel fee may be included for families 15+  miles from Lehi.

Please plan to set aside a full hour for your crash course.

Cost $65 

Purchasing a CUB

You love the CUB and definitely want to invest in  a CUB of your own! They are an incredible tool to use in late pregnancy, labor, and birth. 

Use my code CA09 at checkout to save $5 at