Placenta Encapsulation

Your placenta continues to give after birth & can aid in postpartum recovery. The act of ingesting the placenta has been practiced for centuries, all over the world with traditional roots in the Chinese culture. 

Benefits May Include: ​

- Proposed benefits for recovery & healing: 

- Balancing of postpartum hormones. 

- Increase in stress relieving hormones.

- Reduction in postpartum depression.

- Reduction of postpartum bleeding.

- Increase of energy and wellbeing.

- Increase in breast milk supply.

- Replenishing of iron levels. 

- Ingesting your placenta can led to a quicker recovery after having a baby. 

Placenta Encapsulation Packages 

Professional encapsulation of the placenta in vegetarian capsules (approx. 75-200 capsules depending on the size of the placenta and the encapsulation method). Flavored capsules available for additional $15. Please contact me for available flavors. 

I have been trained and certified in both the Raw Method as well as the Traditional Method of encapsulation.

Gold Package

- Professional Placenta Encapsulation

- Written instructions for consumption

- umbilical cord keepsake

Investment $210

​Diamond Package

- Professional Placenta Encapsulation

- Written instructions for consumption

- Umbilical cord keepsake

- Placenta Salve 

- Placenta Tincture  

- Placenta Print 11"x17"

- Digital Placenta Images

Investment $260

Platinum Placenta Package

- Professional Placenta Encapsulation

- Written instructions for consumption

- Umbilical cord keepsake

- Placenta Salve

- Placenta Tincture

- Placenta Print

- Digital Placenta Images

- Placenta Pendent (your choice of colors, shimmers, flecks, and glitter)

- Consultation and first adjustment with Webster Certified Chiropractor Dr. Steven Roushar, DC at Flow Chiropractic.

Investment $360

Lights, Camera, Encapsulate 

Diamond Package plus a mini newborn photo shoot at your birth location

Investment $375

Additional Add Ons

Wire Wrapped Placenta Crystal (your choice of shimmers, flecks, colors, and glitters) $25

Flavored Capsules $15 (Berry or Lime)

Placenta Chocolate Bars (2) $12

Placenta Truffles (8) $15

Additional Placenta print $15

Additional Placenta Tincture $20

Additional ​Placenta Salve $20 

​Placenta Broth $10 Traditional Method Only